Executive Branch


The Department of Environment and Climate Change is responsible for the protection and enhancement of the environment, management of the province's wildlife, inland fish, water, parks, and Crown land resources. The department is also leading Government's response to climate change and sustainable development initiatives.


The Department works with its stakeholders to recommend, to government, appropriate legislation, policy and program directions that instills a clean, sustainable environment and healthy, resilient ecosystems in perpetuity for the social, physical, cultural, biological and economic well-being of the province.

Effective delivery of this mandate requires leadership, vision, planning and coordination in addition to administration and control of delivery of the Department's programs and services. This function is provided by the Department's Executive which comprises the Office of the Deputy Minister, Assistant Deputy Ministers and Executive Directors. The Executive is the focal point in setting direction for the department and coordinating and planning its activities to ensure that the department meets its current mandate and serves its clients effectively while assessing and adjusting the department's programs and services to meet changing realities.

The Executive Branch is organized into the following two divisions:


Fanny Hoddinott

Secretary (Minister)
Executive Branch
Department of Environment and Climate Change
Tel: (709) 729-2574
Fax: (709) 729-0112
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