Wildlife Division


The Wildlife Division works to protect and conserve the province's biodiversity and manage its wildlife and inland fish resources for the benefit of present and future generations. The division fulfills this mandate through the work of its five sections: Administration, Licencing and Operations; Endangered Species and Biodiversity; Stewardship and Education; Habitat, Game and Fur Management; and Research.


The Wildlife Division coordinates hunting/trapping licensing processes for resident and non-resident hunters, trappers and anglers; develops research programs and management plans for wildlife species and habitat, including species at risk; delivers public environmental education and hunter/trapper education programs; and delivers stewardship initiatives that conserve the province's biodiversity and natural heritage.


The primary clients include: hunters, trappers and anglers; students and general public; post-secondary educational institutions; industry; municipal, provincial, federal and international governments; non-government environmental agencies and organizations.


John Blake

Wildlife Division
Department of Environment and Climate Change
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